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Build Confidence As An Athlete

Confidence is a total belief in being able to perform to your physical, mental, and technical best. Confidence increases effort and enhances momentum- you work harder, persist longer, and achieve at a higher level. Confidence is about knowing rather than hoping you will perform well. Most important of all ...

Confidence isn’t something a person either has or hasn’t got – it is a skill and can be learned! 

Why is confidence important? 

  • it lowers anxiety & nerves by creating positive expectations of success 

  • it enhances your concentration by eliminating distractions, negative thoughts & personal putdowns

  • it increases motivation by boosting how competent you feel

What is the single most influential factor on getting and staying confident? What athletes say to themselves is a critical force impacting confidence. Key performance qualities are either enhanced or diminished through self-talk. Thoughts that enhance performance include reassurance of preparedness, commitment, confidence and focus. All top performers need to master self-talk.  Being overly self-critical & negative is a major cause of low confidence.

How do I set effective athletic goals?  Setting effective goals will lead to high level performance and more confidence. Ineffective goal setting leads to inconsistent performance and poor focus. It is easier to focus your energy and feel confident when you have a clear sense of what it will take to reach success. Let's work together to set goals that make a difference in your performance!

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