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Neurofeedback is for all ages - let’s give you and your child the tools to succeed! 

What is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is exercise for the brain - like going to the gym. 

What is a
session like? 

Read-only sensors are placed on the head, and you simply relax and watch a movie or play a video game while your brain exercises.

​Symptoms improve as the brain responds to the visual feedback, and increased self-regulation is achieved. 


Neurofeedback Mirror

You will immediately clean yourself up when you when you look in the mirror and notice that you have something stuck in your teeth. Neurofeedback is like a mirror for the brain to see itself, and offer the brain a chance to clean itself up. 


Imagine being able to CHANGE your brain in 20-40 sessions! Clients find Neurofeedback training to be a relaxing experience. At the beginning of each session you report the course of your progress, and on the basis of this report the training may be adjusted.  


 For years peak performers on the red bull extreme team, olympians, professional athletes, NASA and The Armed Forces have been using Neurofeedback to reach the highest potential possible.

Neurofeedback Training 

Custom Fit To You

Personalize to the athlete 


Results are long lasting

Drug Free

​exercise for the brain

Neurofeedback Training 

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