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NFL and Neurofeedback

Enhancing athletic performance involves more than just physical conditioning; neurofeedback training gives athletes an edge over their competition. 

Overall athletic performance can be affected by poor stress management, performance expectations, coaching personnel, and obligations to sponsors. Neurofeedback clinicians work with athletes to reduce stress and enhance athletic performance.  Many athletes have been turning to neurofeedback to help confidence (self-belief), cognitive abilities and focus.  A new Netflix documentary gives us a glimpse of NFL athletes using neurofeedback for improved performance: Quarterbacks, Kirk Cousins talks about how neurofeedback optimizes his athletic abilities.

Studies in this field reveal compelling evidence of the advantages neurofeedback training offers for psychophysiological well-being, and stress management. The article below is a scientific review of research on the efficacy of neurofeedback training and discusses the positive impacts for athletes.

The Use of Neurofeedback in Sports Training: Systematic Review: PMC10136619

The Use of Neurofeedback in Sports Training_ Systematic Review - PMC
Download PDF • 628KB

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